We seek well-written, engaging works of prose with a penchant for language.  Writing which has been crafted with care and precision; which attends to detail and astonishes sensibility.  Narratives which provoke and pursue.  We wish to be transported, rearranged and awakened; to feel the weight of every word.  We want distinct visions rendered in piercing prose. Storytelling which is thoughtfully wrought and delicately vibrant  which throbs the gut and burns the throat; which brings the peculiar, the off-angles and edges, to light; which leave us breathless and aching, shivering with the resplendent, churning pulse of human experience.

Reading periods are as follows, please select the category to which you wish to submit for full guidelines and submission procedures:

Best Small Fictions: November - January of each year, published in September/October. 


Chapbook Competition

April - January of each year; winner announced in March, published in September.


General Submissions: year round.

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