The Best Small Fictions Anthology Selections

Spotlighted Journals:


The Cincinnati Review


Electric Literature


Spotlighted Stories:

“Something Amber” – Tina Barry – Beautiful Raft (Big Table Publishing Company)

“Here is the whole history of us chapter one” – Amanda Claire Buckley – Okay Donkey

“Telling” – May-lee Chai – Cincinnati Review

“Some Female Cats and People” – Olivia Clare – ZYZZYVA & Lithub

“Wishbone” – Rachel Heng – Electric Literature

“The Listening Tree” – Micah Dean Hicks – Fairy Tale Review

“Capser, Wyoming” – Blair Hurley – Wigleaf

“Numbers” – Holly Karapetkova – Blue Earth Reviews

“Men Paid Me to Eat” – Natalie Lima – The Offing

“Pacific” – Peter Orner – Maggie Brown and Others (Little, Brown and Company)

“A Writer’s Guide to Fairy Tales” – Ellen Rhudy – Milk Candy Review

“Dollar Store, Yes” – Suzanne Richardson – New South Journal

“The Earliest Memories of Ice” – Claire Miye Stanford – Monkeybicycle

Full Selections:

“Man of Sorrows” – Kim Addonizio – 100 Word Story

“The Assimilation of Boyboy Santos” – Elison Alcovendaz – Lost Balloon

“Orphan an Orphan” – Kevin Minh Allen – Otis Nebula Press

“When I Was Nine I Lived” – Threa Almontaser – Nimrod

“GirlGod” – Melissa Bernal Austin – Longleaf Review

“Subtitles: 50” – Matthew James Babcock – Ilanot Review

“The Candy Children’s Mother” – A.A. Balaskovits – Okay Donkey

“Catherine Eddowes Describes Life After Death” – Amy Sayre Baptista – Jetfuel Review

“The Skins” – Tyler Barton – CRAFT

“Threading Cobwebs on the Upper West Side” – Roberta Beary – A Hole in the Light: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2019 (Red Moon Press)

“Thermaling” – Digby Beaumont – Dancing Alone and Other Lessons (Windblown Alley Press)

“Growing Up” – Talia Bloch – The Southern Review

“A Guide to Dead Girls on TV” – Liz Breazeale – Monkeybicycle

“How to Unravel a Shawl” – Lauren Busser – Cease, Cows

“There” – Alexandra Chang – Passages North

“Beast” – Xi Chuan, translated by Lucas Klein – Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

“Mona Lisa” – Rita Ciresi – Ovunque Siamo: New Italian-American Writing

“Trick” – Michael Czyzniejewski – Wigleaf

“Book of Ruth” – Kyle G. Dargan – Shenandoah

“What Little Hobbies for the Dead, the Card Players and the Eclipse” – Sean Thomas Dougherty – Waxwing

“What You Have Been Told” – Molia Dumbleton – Flash Flood

“Thoughts on Raising Girls Freshly Feral” – Samantha Edmonds – Hayden’s Ferry Review

“Fly Season” – Elizabeth Erbeznik – Fiction Southeast

“Osterizer Classic Series 10 Cycle Blender” – Emily Everett – Electric Literature

“Of Chinwoke” – Adachioma Ezeano – FlashBack Fiction

“Dear Delores Dale” – Jen Fawkes – Pidgeonholes

“Panda Breeder” – Tang Fei, translated by Tony Huang – Smokelong

“The Corridors of Longing” – Gary Fincke – New Flash Fiction Review

“See How They Run” – Kathy Fish – Inverted Syntax

“Andy Warhol Sightings” ­– Valerie Fox – Juked

“XO Training” – Molly Gabriel – Jellyfish Review

“Running Away Diary” – Avital Gad-Cykman – Portland Review &

“Break Blow Burn” – Daniel Galef – Juked

“New Shirt” – Louis Gallo – Fictive Dream

“Three Filipinas” – Harrison Geosits – Cincinnati Review

“Pomegranate” – Pia Ghosh-Roy – Split Lip Magazine

“Zones of Contact” – Eugene Gloria – Sightseer in the Killing City (Penguin Poets)

“The Visitors” – Anna Granger – Flash Frontier

“Like Shit on a Cracker” – Claire Guyton – Vestal Review

“Fractured Composition” – Jennifer Harvey – Hot Metal Bridge

“The Change” – Jenna Heller – North & South

“Sing to It” – Amy Hempel – Sing to It (Scribner) & Lithub

“The Braid” – Sheikha Hussein Hlewa, translated by Aisha Yassin – Ilanot Review

“Flock” – Mary-Jane Holmes – Fictive Dream

“Mother reads First Aid Manual while crouching on the floor beside the bookshelf” – Gail Ingram – Contents Under Pressure (Pūkeko Publications)

“Seashells” – Kelly Ann Jacobson – Gargoyle

“What We Leave Undone” – Omotara James – Wildness

“Default” – Jac Jemc – False Bingo (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

“rising waters in the floodplain” – Korbin Jones – Meniscus

“Gunshot” – Ilya Kaminsky – Deaf Republic (Graywolf, 2019)

“Carnival Wind” – Christopher Kennedy – New York Tyrant

“The Greatest Liar in the World” – Etgar Keret, translated by Jessica Cohen – Fly Already (Riverhead) & Lithub

“Slow Pop” – Chuck Klosterman – Raised in Captivity (Penguin)

“Kim” – Koss – Cincinnati Review

“Palomas, Ciudad de México” – Elizabeth Knapp – Washington Writers’ Publishing House & Green Mountains Review

“Mortality Event” – Hadiyyah Kuma – Smokelong

“Eigengrau” – Randilee Sequeira Larson – Ilanot Review

“Hawks” – David Dodd Lee – Willow Springs Magazine

“My Personal Brand” – Matt Leibel – X-R-A-Y

“Neighbors” – Sara Lippmann – Gone Lawn

“Drown” – Angie Sijun Lou – The Adroit Journal

“Fourth Sister” – Marie Lu – The New York Times

“Barkley” – William Lychack – Waxwing

“L’Chaim” – Rachel Maizes – Monkeybicyle & We Love Anderson Cooper (Celadon Books)

“This Boy’s Tongue” – Peter Markus – Big Other

“Starry Night” – Aoko Matsuda, translated by Polly Barton – The Southern Review

“Last Page of a Rock Star Autobiography” – Buzz McCain – Gargoyle

“Heavy Lifting” – Heather McQuillan – Flash Frontier

“Last Night I Dreamed” – Jesse Millner – Manzano Mountain Review

“Lowcountry” –Niyah Morris – The Rumpus

“Mouths of Brown Girls” – Umaima Munir – Jellyfish Review

“To Be Led from Behind” – Mohammad Ibrahim Nawaya, translated by Robin Moger – The Common

“Strangers” – Josip Novakovich – Catamaran

“The Mermaids Grow Old” – Kara Oakleaf – Pithead Chapel

“Tata” – Ebuka Prince Okoroafor – AFREADA

“Colorful Eyes” – Lola Opatayo – Hot Metal Bridge

“China IIlustrata” – Paolo di Paolo, translated by Jamie Richards – The Florentine Literary Review & Lithub

“We Sing” – Andrea Passwater – The Rumpus

“Twelve-Step Program for Quitting My Life” – Kristen M. Ploetz – CRAFT

“Years Are Sentences” – Elizeya Quate – Rabid Oak

“Shoebox of Thunder” – Barclay Rafferty – Reflex Fiction

“Prickly Jasmine” – Azza Rashad, translated by Jonathan Wright ­– Banipal 63: The 100 Best Arabic Novels & Lithub & Banat Ahlami (Akhbar el Yom Publishing House)

“Postcard from the Hudson” – Hannah Rego – Lambda Literary

“How to Live Through This” – Helen Rickerby – How to Live (Auckland University Press)

“Thirteen Ways of Looking at Other Birds” – Amy Rowland – Iowa Review

“The Fine Greenbird” – Josh Russell – Suburban Folktales (The Cupboard Pamphlet)

“The Diamond Factory” – Helen Rye – matchbook

“Animal Crackers” – Sam Savage – Lithub & An Orphanage of Dreams (Coffee House Press)

“On the Occasion of the Death of Freddie Lee” – Rion Amilcar Scott – The World Doesn't Require You (Norton/Liveright)

“Daughter” – Lacie Semenovich – Body Literature

“At the Pacific Air Museum” – Lisa Shulman – KYSO Flash

“The Kitchen” – Curtis Smith – Atticus Review

“The Tender Box” – Rachel Smith – Landfall (Otago University Press)

“Everything is Terrible but You Should Read This Story” – Amber Sparks – Smokelong

“I Am a Conservationist” – Charlie Stephens – The Forge

“Caiseas Blues (A Terrible Racket)” – Gregory Stephens – The Esthetic Apostle

“Only A Little Bit Less Than I Hate Myself” – Amy Stuber – Longleaf Review

“The Turnaround” – Mark Terrill – Body Literature

“How to Spot a Whale” – Jacqui Reiko Teruya – The Masters Review

“Sweet” – Robert Tindall – NOON & Harper’s Magazine

“Bite Muko” – Adolphine Umukobwa – AFREADA

“What Happens on Shabbos” – Alisa Ungar-Sargon ­– JMWW

“Overheard” – Anthony Varallo – The Rupture

“Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” – Lavanya Vasudevan – Lost Balloon

“Basketball” – Siamak Vossoughi – Atticus Review

“Human Being” – Joshua Weiner – Body Literature

“Lessy” – Jeremy T. Wilson – The Master’s Review

“The Cake, The Smoke, The Moon” – Francine Witte – Pidgeonholes

“Theories of the Point-of-View Shift in AC/DC’s ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’” – Jennifer Wortman – Electric Literature

“The Future” – Ryo Yamaguchi – Wildness

“After the Dream, the Dream Remains” – Rich Youmans – KYSO Flash

“What We Be?” – Reza Zareianjahromi – More of Us (Landing Press)

“Nobody Knew My Mother Was a Drunk” – Lisa Zimmerman – Apple Valley Review