The Best Small Fictions Anthology Selections

Spotlighted Journals:


Cha: An Asian Literary Journal



New Flash Fiction Review

Spotlighted Stories:

“and when i couldn't leave i lied” - Hiwot Adilow - Brunel International African Poetry Prize (2018)

“Shop Girl” - Dionne Irving Bremyer - New Flash Fiction Review

“Emergency Instructions” - R.M. Cooper - Willow Springs

“Dress Yourself” - Christopher Gonzalez - Split Lip Magazine

“Niñas Del Fuego” - Elisa Luna-Ady - Paper Darts

“Mary When You Follow Her” - Carmen Maria Machado - Virginia Quarterly Review

“X” - Michael Martone - Always Crashing

“The Malingerers” - Kristine Ong Muslim - Conjunctions

“Dog as Battlefield” - Keith Woodruff - Juked

“What We Will Tell” - Rewa Zeinati - Natural Bridge

Main Contents:

Do No Harm” - Margaret Adams - Monkeybicycle

“Buffalo” - Johanna Aitchison - New Zealand Poetry Society’s the unnecessary invention of punctuation

“Lasting Impression” - Ryunosuke Akutagawa (translated - Ryan C.K. Choi) - The Collagist

“Target Practice” - Christopher Allen - Other Household Toxins (Matter Press)

“Time Capsule” - Jacob M. Appel - Portland Review

“He She It They” - Anita Arlov - National Flash Fiction Day (NZ)

“Gator Butchering for Beginners” - Kristen Arnett - Electric Literature

“Half Hitch” - Frances Badgett - Salamander

“A Pinch of Saffron” - Ally Baharoon - AFREADA

“Orbit” - Joe Baumann - Eastern Iowa Review

“Why Brother Stayed Away” - Ann Beattie - Conjunctions

“Words for Snow” - Roy Beckemeyer - KYSO Flash

“The Goat-Headed Girl” - Matt Bell - Spilled Milk Magazine

“The Ballad of Frankie Baker” - DeMisty D. Bellinger - Little Fiction/Big Truths

“Twenty Hard Things About Being Married to a White Man” - Chaya Bhuvaneswar - Longleaf Review

“Davi” - Beatriz Bracher (translated - Edgar Garbelotto) - Kenyon Review

“How to Burn a Bridge Job Aid” - J. Bradley - Neil and Other Stories (Whiskey Tit) and Heather Press

“In Which We Drive the Transpeninsular, Mexico 1” - Lori Sambol Brody - JMWW

“Nothing” - Randall Brown - I Might Never Learn (Thirty West Publishing)

“Phylum” - Rita Bullwinkel - BOMB Magazine

“Flounder” - Grace Campbell - Chagrin River Review

“Insurance” - Elaine Chiew - New Flash Fiction Review

“I Had to Catch” - Kim Chinquee - Shot Girls (Ravenna Press)

“Sen-Sen” - Judith Ortiz Cofer - Southern Humanities Review

“Aversion” - Sheldon Lee Compton - Unbroken

“The Convent” - Maggie Cooper - The Rumpus

“Fawn” - Carrie Cooperider - Ploughshares

“Coloso” - Hugo Ríos Cordero - The Common

“The Stone Mill” - Ed Cottrell - 3:AM Magazine

“The Collectors” - Julia Coursey - Gigantic Sequins

“The Laughing Hyena” - Shome Dasgupta - New Delta Review

“On the Train to Stavanger” - Lydia Davis - F(r)iction

“You’ve Stopped” - Tommy Dean - Pithead Chapel

“Mobius Strips” - Tom DeMarchi - Flash! Writing the Very Short Story (W.W. Norton)

“My Father’s Girlfriend” - Leonora Desar - matchbook

“What the Science Tells Us” - Melanie Dixon - Bonsai: Best small stories from Aotearoa New Zealand (Canterbury University Press)

“Sunday Dress” - Ruth Ducaso (translated - Sarah Rebecca Kersley) - Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing

“Three Witch Haibun” - Logan February - Raleigh Review

“There will only be one funeral” - Benjamin McPherson Ficklin - wildness

“Lawrie Shrapnel” - Jan FitzGerald - National Flash Fiction Day (NZ)

“Hineni” - Jennifer Fliss - Longleaf Review

“The Dream of the Moth” - Laurette Folk - Waxwing

“Miss Freda Pays a Visit” - Zoë Gadegbeku - AFREADA

“Curse of Ham” - Nicholas Nakai Garcia - Driftwood Press

“The Last of the Sama-sellang” - Sigrid Marianne Gayangos - Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

“Super 8 Camera” - Nod Ghosh - The Crazed Wind (Truth Serum Press)

“II” - Alison Glenny - The Farewell Tourist (Otago University Press)

“The Cup” - Xiaoshuai Gou - Mascara Literary Review

“Juliet Changes Her Mind” - Amelia Gray - Electric Literature

“Advanced Humor” - Andrew Gretes - Sycamore Review

“All-American Anhedonia” - Jasmyne Harris - PANK Magazine

“James Monti” - Marcelle Heath - matchbook

“Whatever They Told You Not to Be” - Natalie Hernandez - 805 Lit + Art

“The Rat, the Panther, and the Peacock” - Justin Herrmann - Crab Orchard Review

“Your Mother Was a Fish” - A.M. Homes - Literary Hub and Days of Awe (Viking)

“Diction” - Ashley Hynd - Room

“Locked Doors, Lead Melodies” - Amarachi 'Amie' Ike - AFREADA

“The Roadkill Witch” - Kamala Jackson - Bonsai: Best small stories from Aotearoa New Zealand (Canterbury University Press)

“A Dying Language” - Kim Jackways - Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction

“Weather Proverbs, Explained” - Ingrid Jendrzejewski - Streetlight Magazine

“Santo Spirito, 1577” - Michele Finn Johnson - FlashBack Fiction

“Forty-Five Feet” - Joshua Jones - Split Lip Magazine

“Small Mercies” - Karen Jones - Lost Balloon

“Blue-Eyed, Brown Aunt” - Babitha Marina Justin - Two Sisters Writing & Publishing

“Letters Arrive from the Dead” - Rachel Kadish - The Iowa Review

“Film: NOX Transfer” - Karla Kelsey - Conjunctions

“Click” - Roberta Kwok - The Southern Review

“La Rabida Heart Sanitarium, 1954” - Maureen Langloss - Sonora Review

“Sleep Disturbance” - Joy Lanzendorfer - The Forge Literary Magazine

“Persimmon” - Raven Leilani - The Forge Literary Magazine

“Anton’s Saga” - Mare Leonard - 3 Elements Literary Review

“In the Front Room, In the Kitchen” - Denise Howard Long - Spoil the Child (Finishing Line Press)

“Siren” - Fiona J. Mackintosh - Bath Flash Fiction Award

“Madlib” - Kim Magowan - Okay Donkey

“No Future in Oysters” - John Mancini - New World Writing

“Therapeusw” - Jeff Martin - Alaska Quarterly Review

“Boy Meets Girl” - Kathleen McGookey - KYSO Flash

“Sostenuto” - Jolene McIlwain - Litro

“A post-traumatic god” - Heather McQuillan - Meniscus

“The Joke” - K.C. Mead-Brewer - matchbook

“Beenie Man Asks Who Am I & The Jury's Still Out” - Momtaza Mehri - Brunel International African Poetry Prize (2018)

“Ungrateful Masters” - J.L. Montavon - The Gateway Review

“Bangkok, 1956” - Dipika Mukherjee - Vestal Review

“Bliss Place” - Thirii Myo Kyaw Myint - Black Warrior Review

“How to Not Get Ovarian Cancer:  A Guide for Jewish Women” - Carla Myers - The Gateway Review

“The Moon Rolling Back Her Eye” - Vi Khi Nao - Noon

“When the Rubber Hits the Road” - Lee Nash - Bath Flash Fiction Award

“The Dog Lovers” - David Norman - Flash! Writing the Very Short Story (W.W. Norton)

“A Case of Fire” - Tochukwu Emmanuel Okafor - SmokeLong Quarterly

“Ruinous Finality” - Melissa Ostrom - Passages North

“Aya (Here), Tya (There)” - Janika Oza - The Ilanot Review

“China” - Alvin Pang - Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

“Whale Fall” - Alvin Park - SmokeLong Quarterly

“As Petals Fall On Asphalt Roads” - Aimee Parkison - The Adroit Journal

“Top 5 Places in Manila to Check Out While the City Swallows Us Whole” - Jam Pascual - Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

“Tiny House” - Joanna Pearson - The Adroit Journal

“Fire” - Brenda Peynado - CRAFT

“Sleepovers” - Ashleigh Bryant Phillips - Hobart

“Abstinence Only” - Meghan Phillips - Passages North

“The Bug Man” - Meg Pokrass - Alligators at Night (Ad Hoc Fiction) and Tin House

“Eating the Inquisition” - Pedro Ponce - The Florida Review

“A Writer! A Writer! - Antonio Prata (translated - Katrina Dodson) - Manoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing

“Born of Driftwood” - Gretchen Steele Pratt - The Southern Review

“Upon Discovering That Cows Can Swim” - Santino Prinzi - Jellyfish Review

“No One’s Watching” - Melissa Ragsly - Atticus Review

“Half-Life” - Dina L. Relles - CHEAP POP

“Death of an Ortolan” - Nicole Rivas - A Bright and Pleading Dagger (Rose Metal Press)

“Dientes for Dentures” - Laura Roque - Kenyon Review

“Crafts” - Walker Rutter-Bowman - Tin House

“Where the Wild Things Are” - Andrew Salomon - Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction

“Waves” - Sarah Salway - The Baltimore Review

“The Wardrobe” - Ayşegül Savaş - The Adroit Journal

“Passengers” - Leslie Contreras Schwartz - Gulf Coast: A Journal of Literature and Fine Arts

“Warm Flank, Wet Straw” - Christine Schutt - Noon

“The moon train” - Cherllisha Silva - Bonsai: Best small stories from Aotearoa New Zealand (Canterbury University Press)

“Hometown Market’s Delicious Fried Chicken” - Mary Slebodnik - Flash! Writing the Very Short Story (W.W. Norton)

The New York Times reports that 200 Iraqi civilians have been killed by U.S. military airstrikes” - Clint Smith - wildness

“The Bad Thing” - Nancy Stohlman - Connotation Press

“estuaries” - Aliceanna Stopher - Crazyhorse

“Eye Contact” - Kirsten Strom - Bonsai: Best small stories from Aotearoa New Zealand (Canterbury University Press)

“The Night of the Mononoke: A True Cinematic Tanka Story” - Charles D. Tarlton - Haibun Today

“Ceres” - Yoko Tawada (translated – Susan Bernofsky) - Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

“Bella Bambina” - Tina Tocco - Ovunque Siamo: New Italian-American Writing

“The Menstrual Cycle of a Grieving Woman” - Jennifer Todhunter - Cleaver Magazine

“The Serpent’s Daughter” - Jennifer Tseng - Paper Darts

“Being the Murdered Babysitter” - Cathy Ulrich - Passages North

“Six Glimpses of the Uncouth” - Robert Vaughan - Hobart

“How Not to Become an Expat” - Kara Vernor - New Flash Fiction Review

“The Dogs of Kerala” - Erik Wennermark - Litro

“The Butcher’s Wife” - Nan Wigington - Lust 7 Deadly Sins Vol. 1 (Pure Slush Books)

“The Forgotten Story” - Diane Williams - The Collected Stories of Diane Williams (Soho Press) and Five Points

“Toetoe” - Iona Winter - and then the wind came (Steele Roberts) and Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction

“I’m Exaggerating” - Kate Wisel - Tin House

“The Earth is All Stones” - Marjory Woodfield - Blue Fifth Review

“A Thousand Eyes” - Tara Isabel Zambrano - PANK Magazine

“Shelter” – C Pam Zhang - Fairy Tale Review