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The Best Small Fictions 2021

Best Small Fictions 2021

Guest Editor: Rion Amilcar Scott
Series Editor: Nathan Leslie


In this, the sixth year of The Best Small Fictions, the world struggled, and struggles still, to overcome not only the sweeping catastrophe of Covid-19, but the continued, and increasingly reprehensible examples of institutional racism; a global climate on the brink; and the prevalence of dire political malfeasance. Despite, and perhaps in defiance of, this we proudly present the 2020 edition of BSF, an anthology once again packed with rich and varied small fictional gems--imagistic, surreal, alive, fervent--stories which show us the fluid shape of our shared humanity. The pieces contained here transcend; they glow eternal. These small fictions rise.

The 2021 volume of Best Small Fictions presents its richest collection of stories yet. These short works capture, in all their multifaceted glory, the singular times in which we live. At turns hilarious, catastrophic, philosophical - and ever original - this year’s Best Small Fictions is a must-have, must-read gem of an anthology.

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